By their nature the horses graze and browse. The pasturing strengthen their backs through the continuos bendings and extensions of the neck.
The pasturing on flat and slope fields with grounds of different consistency helps the colts in acquiring balance and neuromotor coordination while restoring in adult horses the proprioceptive sensitivity which is subject to hard tests due to the excessive confinement.
The rolling on the meadows is a spontaneous technique for bending and rotating the spinal column, the result is a vertebral mobilization otherwise obtainable only through specific cares. The horses are social animals looking for the company of other horses. Most of racehorses live confined inside the box 23 hours a day. The confinement produces mobility restriction, and consequently stress. Useful behaviour such as rolling is restricted by lack of space altogheter with the short time dedicated for feeding the animals, even with the food placed on the box ground, the use of the neck and the back muscles is quite limited.
At the end the horses social relations are established with grooms for which, although their professional background, it's very difficult to communicate with the animals applying the correct equine behavioural patterns.
The availability of wide paddocks on different grounds makes the G.A.F. as a reference point where also the owners of athletic horses can send their animals for a period of convalescence or seasonal rest.
An physiotherapeutic rehabilitation service is also available and supplied by Veterinarians and physiotherapists graduated from the Scuola Italiana di Fisioterapia Veterinaria..