The Gestione Allevamenti Fonteintanata is a Company engaged in supplying services to horse breeding. The Company is located on low hills 200 mt. above sea level and 12 km. from the Tyrrhenian Sea, and in Pisa district, precisely on the Cecina Town inland few kilometers from the Tyrrhenian Highway A12.
The Company property is inclusive of 85 hectares of land of which 35 are permanently maintained as grass-land (meadow) and exclusively reserved for the stud mare pasture. In accordance with the stud mare requirements their accomodations during the night can take place inside individual box or into huts available on each paddock.
The farm exposure is to the south and is protected by its hills from the occasional northern wind consequently the whole place benefits of a mild climate. Rarely during January and February the coldest months during the year the temperature drops below zero. The advantage of this mild microclimate is to maintain in almost permanent vegetative condition the grass land.
For these reasons the green forage produced by the pasturing is more than 50% of the diet supplied during the whole year. On the permanent grass land the most common varieties of grass are: Lolium Perenne, Dactylis Glomerata, Festuca sp., Poa Pratensis, Avena sp., Hedysraum coronarium, Lotus Corniculatus.
Qualified personnel is always available for the management of the stud mare and the colts, and Dr. Nicola Magnaghi DVM, ( is in charge of G.A.F. Management..