• Annual or seasonal boarding in single box or huts
    In the stud mare annual boarding could be the following services: feet care and hygiene, dental floating, coprology for evaluation of parasitic conditions.

  • Birth assistance
    The 35 square mt. box are equipped with observation windows and closed circuit TV cameras. The births are monitored with Foalert System and constantly assisted. The birth assistance is inclusive of: routinary medical control, creatininaemia, bilirubinaemia, glycaemia before and after the first assumption of colostrum, blood cell count and igG values after 12 hours. Prompt medical or surgical assistance is granted by the sanitary organisation for any problem that might arise during the delivery.

  • Orphan colts or affected by neonatal pathologies are assisted 24 hours a day by the Company qualified personnel.
  • Artificial insemination
    with chilled and frozen semen.

  • Hypofertility medical or surgical treatments,
    preparation of the hypofertile mare, reproductive prognosis.

  • Embryo transfer

  • Diagnosis of fetal gender